Everyone Thinks This Is The Teaser For The New John Lewis Xmas Ad

0n6pj825Twitter @bouncing2016

We are so ready for the John Lewis Christmas advert to grace our screens, and there is serious speculation that this ten second teaser is a sign that the shop’s marketing team have taken it to the next level.

With the hashtag #bouncebounce and a enticing selection of chords, the video has intrigued lots of people.

Apologies to cat-lovers but it seems this one is going to focus on what looks like a boxer dog watching a child bounce around on a spacehopper in a snowy garden.

See for yourself…


The mysterious Twitter account under the handle @bouncing2016 joined in September 2016 and has 771 followers, posting their first and only tweet of the video earlier today, the Telegraph reports.

The cover photo of the Twitter account is of the dog watching a child jump up and down on the sofa in a cost living room.

Also, doesn’t that white font just scream John Lewis?


I thought it was pretty dubious, but it seems the people of Twitter think the advert is obviously the work of the John Lewis Christmas elves.

This girl knows…

If it’s not, this is incredible free marketing for John Lewis…

According to a mailout from industry types Record of the Daythe song that will be tugging on our heartstrings will be a cover by London-based electronica collective, Vaults, of Randy Crawford’s One Day I’ll Fly Away, not a David Bowie tune as many people were predicting.

Rumour has it the advert will be released this Thursday (10th), breaking the tradition of releasing it on the first Friday of the month.

I kind of hope this isn’t a teaser because dogs don’t really make me feel anything (don’t hurt me).