Ex-Police Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When He Hears ‘Cocaine’

by : Cameron Frew on : 20 Oct 2021 15:19
Ex-Police Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When He Hears 'Cocaine'@a_dog_named_dante/TikTok/Alamy

An ex-police dog will sit quietly and happily without a care in the world – until he hears someone say ‘cocaine’. 

In a former life, Dante worked as a sniffer dog for the police in Queensland, Australia, helping officers on raids to find drugs in cars, homes and other areas. When it came to retirement, he enjoyed kicking back and relaxing, whether it’s sitting on the couch with his owner Davey Rutherford or playing catch in the park.


However, at the sound of a particular buzzword – in this instance, cocaine – the German Shepherd’s ears would prick up and Dante would look alert.


Davey’s TikTok (@a_dog_named_dante) is filled with clips of his fun times and hilarious interactions with the pooch. In one clip, Davey reads out a shopping list: ‘All right, shopping list: Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine,’ with the latter item grabbing the dog’s attention. Davey then lets him know he’s ‘just kidding’.

In another video, Davey asks Dante what he wants to do that day. ‘You wanna go for a walk to the beach, maybe swim in the pool… get a bag?’ Again, ‘bag’ makes him stop, look and tilt his head.


He was exceptionally well-trained. For example, he’d always listen out in the morning for the sound of Davey switching off his phone charger at the socket, at which point Dante would open the bedroom door and come in, knowing it’s time to start the day.

Tragically, Dante passed away on September 20 this year. ‘Dante chased a bird onto the road and was hit by a car. He was paralysed and had to be put down a short time later. Absolutely heartbroken,’ Davey earlier wrote on Instagram.

However, Dante’s videos have been living on. Just like Davey, the internet will always love him.


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