Excited Husky Jumps Off Roof To Greet Owner, Breaks Owner’s Neck

Husky breaks owners neckAsiaWire

Anyone who owns a dog, particularly a large dog, will know how boisterous they can get – especially when you walk through the front door.

Being the owner of a large, male German shepherd, I’ve lost count the amount of times he’s knocked me over, or dived on top of me and sent me flying.

So spare a thought for one poor pet owner in China, who’s been left with a broken neck because of his overly excited husky.

The pup in question jumped from the the balcony of his two-storey home and landed on the owner, Mr Liu, who was returning after a short break away.

The 67-year-old was knocked out instantly after the 66lb pooch – which equates to nearly five stone or approximately 30kg – fell on him while trying to greet him.

The pensioner later said he thought the wall of his house had collapsed on him, not realising it was his pet dog.

Husky breaks owners neckAsiaWire

Wang Yuansong, a doctor at the hospital, said the dog had landed on the man’s shoulder and neck area, breaking Mr Liu’s cervical vertebrae, and bruising his spine in the process.

However Dr Wang added how it was too early to see if the damage caused by the animal was permanent.

It’s thought it’ll take around three months before Liu will fully recover from his injuries, with spine surgeon Tong Jie adding:

I’ve never ever seen a dog cause such an injury.

Dr Wang commented:

The man couldn’t move his limbs after the dog fell on him, leaving him paralysed temporarily.

Dog breaks man's neckAsiaWire

Mr Liu is currently recovering at Chenzhou No 1 People’s Hospital following his surgery and according to Beijing Youth Daily, the husky was fine following his jump from the roof. Not a broken paw in sight.

The family are said to have only adopted the dog a few months ago, but it had already formed a strong bond with his owner.

Mr Liu added:

As soon as it saw me, it jumped down from the second floor terrace. It loves me very much.

Thankfully, Mr Liu has refused to punish his beloved dog, but has decided, going forward, the dog will be chained to the terrace in order to avoid a similar incident.

Here’s hoping Mr Liu makes a speedy recovery and has a calm, but loveable reunion with his husky soon!

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