Family Promised To Collect Their Lost Dog From Shelter, But Never Came

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Jan 2019 18:12
Dog abandoned my owners at shelter.Dog abandoned my owners at shelter.Babylon Animal Shelter/Facebook

Babylon Animal Shelter in New York took in a pit bull terrier mix stray called Lindsy in May 2016 and it was assumed she wouldn’t be staying all that long.


A few weeks after Lindsy’s arrival, the shelter received a call from a kid who explained the six-year-old pooch belonged to their family and had gone missing.

The child said she would have to check with her dad that they could come and pick up Lindsy, but it was naturally expected the family would indeed come and collect their pet. They never did, and they never called the shelter again.

In November 2018, animal control officer at Babylon Animal Shelter, Kristin Siarkowicz, spoke with The Dodo about Lindsy’s sad story.


Kristin told The Dodo about how, despite having a ‘sweet, kind and laid-back’ personality, there has been no interest as of yet in adopting poor Lindsy.

According to Kristin, she could be being overlooked on account of her age, size and the length of her stay in the shelter:

She is not a cute little puppy. The older, larger ones just don’t get the attention they deserve from the public.

Plus, now that she’s been there for so long, people think there is something wrong with her, when there is not. The long-timers get a stigma about them.

Despite her struggles to find a loving home, Lindsy always ‘seems happy’, with her tail wagging away. However, staying at a shelter for such a long stretch is not ideal. What this cheerful yet misunderstood girl needs is a family to call her own.

Kristin said:

This girl deserves a home so much. She is now a senior and needs to find her people. It is heartbreaking seeing these dogs sit and wait and get old with us.

It’s not fair and it’s not their fault they are here. She is a wonderful, happy girl and there is no reason why she has waited so long. All she needs is a chance.

Dog is abandoned by family.Dog is abandoned by family.Babylon Animal Shelter/Facebook

As of the time of writing, Lindsy is still being advertised on the Babylon Animal Shelter website as being available for adoption, with the following description:

Lindsy is a sweet girl who shows us that she is experienced at being a great companion. Lindsy wants to be with you, she wants to be where you are, and she wants to participate in what you are doing.

Lindsy likes to play fetch and willingly brings back especially when a treat is involved! Lindsy is great at catching treats in the air and she is obedient with her basic commands.

Lindsy would make a great forever friends for someone who wants to go on walks and have a companion to sit and watch TV with, yet kick up their heels with her here and there.. A medium maintenance kind of dog is what Lindsy is, and she would love to have a new place to call home.

Lost pit bull is abandoned by family.Lost pit bull is abandoned by family.Babylon Animal Shelter/Facebook

Do you have it in your heart to bring this sweet girl home? Find out more about lovely Lindsy here.

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