Farmer Feels Swift Justice Of Karma As He Tries To Kill A Pig With An Axe


This ridiculous footage shows the moment a hapless farmer nearly knocked himself out as he attempted to kill a pig with an axe.

The unnamed farmer, armed with every pig-murderers weapon of choice – a large axe, walks up to the unknowing pig and, like a medieval executioner, slowly raises his instrument of death…

It’s at this point that the fickle finger of fate decides to intervene and as the man takes aim and prepares to swing the axe down onto the pig’s head, the weapon appears to get caught on some wire, knocking him off balance.

The man proceeds to smash himself in the side of the head with the axe handle, practically knocking him unconscious and coming alarmingly close to decapitating himself in the process.


After rolling around on the ground for a bit, he seems to see the funny side of the situation and clambers onto his knees before getting to his feet.

According to the Daily Mail it is unclear what became of the pig, but at least it got the satisfaction of seeing that before it died.