Fat Cat Walks Into Tesco, Steals Some Treats And Takes A Nap

by : UNILAD on : 15 Sep 2018 18:29
Cat steals from TescoCat steals from TescoSWNS

I’m a cat person – I have six – so when people talk about our four-legged, fluffy little friends, I always think of cuddling them, playing with them, and giving them plenty of treats.


They can be greedy little so and so’s, and one of mine is so greedy in fact, I’ve had to resort to buying her Dreamies treats in the plastic tubs as she manages to claw her way through the traditional plastic packets.

However, I don’t think she’d ever be so desperate for treats, she’d take it upon herself to leave her warm spot on the sofa, venture outside the house, and walk all the way down to my local  Tesco store to get her tiny little paws on some…

Which brings me onto the subject of this curious kitty.


Earlier this week, (Wednesday September 12), one fluffy white cat decided he wanted some kitty-crumbs and went out of his way to ensure he got them without the help of his human.

The white kitty in question was spotted by shoppers in a Tesco Express store in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. He’s said to have walked right into the store at around 9am in the morning, and made his way to the pet food aisle. Clever little boy.

After browsing the treats, he – now I don’t know whether he did this by accident or not – knocked over a box of Go-Cat dry food, before curling up to take a nap next to them. Pretty much in scenes reminiscent of a Garfield episode.

Shopper, 39-year-old Melanie Morris-Jones, said she had to do a double take when she saw the cat ‘chilling out’ by the cat food.

Melanie, a mum-of-two said:

I had just popped in to the Tesco to get a drink and some food before work. I came across the cat just lying there next to the box of cat food it had knocked off.

It had clearly tried to go for the food but I don’t know it must have just given up. I asked the cashier if she knew there was a cat over in the pet aisle and she said yes she knew it was there and that it was a regular.

Tesco catTesco catSWNS

Melanie continued:

I’m not sure who owned it – but it was completely chilled out. The cat looked like it didn’t even care.

She also revealed how she found the fluffy white animal lying there so funny, she had to take a picture, and then posted it to Facebook.

She stated:

To be honest I didn’t expect it to get so much attention. It was a bit ironic that the cat was down that aisle as it looked quite plump and well-looked after. It’s certainly not something you see every day.

I think this cat might just be my favourite thing ever! Happy hunting Mr Nameless-puddy cat. I hope your travels serve you well and you get all the food your heart and tummy desire!

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