Firefighters Say ‘Embarrassed’ Racoon Has Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Jul 2021 15:17
Firefighters Say 'Embarrassed' Racoon Has Nothing To Be Ashamed OfCity of Dalton Fire Department

Firefighters have assured an embarrassed-looking racoon that it has nothing to be ashamed of after it broke into a house in Georgia. 

It’s never fun getting caught red-handed doing something you shouldn’t, and the racoon in this particular situation knows that all too well after breaking into the home in Dalton, about 90 miles north of Atlanta, presumably in the search of snacks.


The creature succeeded in its mission to get inside the home, but the City of Dalton Fire Department was called to the scene when the homeowners realised it hadn’t been able to find its way back out.

Racoon (Pixabay)Pixabay

In a post shared on Facebook on Wednesday, the fire department explained the situation proved ‘You never know what the day is going to hold when you show up for your shift as a firefighter.’

It continued: ‘Sure, there may be the occasional cat needing to be rescued from a tree, but a raccoon? That’s a new one.’


After helping the racoon out of the home, the department shared a picture of it with its paw covering its eyes, as if it were too embarrassed to let people see its face after the unfortunate blunder.

Racoon looking embarrassed after being caught (City of Dalton Fire Department)City of Dalton Fire Department

Still, firefighters showed they were on the animal’s side as they wrote: ‘As you can tell, he was pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a helping hand every now and then.’

The racoon has since been safely released back into the wild, hopefully having learned that it needs to plan some escape routes before taking on any more adventures.


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City of Dalton Fire Department/Facebook
  1. City of Dalton Fire Department/Facebook