Fisherman Catches Terrifying Crocodile-Eating River Monster

YouTube/River Monsters

A terrifying river monster that is said to feast on crocodiles has been caught by one brave fisherman.

The beast, known as the goliath tigerfish,  was featured in the show River Monsters when it was caught by TV fisherman Jeremy Wade.

The carnivorous fish was found in the Congo river basin in Africa.

YouTube/River Monsters

Although local legends suggests the killer fish targets large prey like crocodiles, there have also been numerous reports of the 1.5m monster attacking humans too.

Even though Jeremy seems happy to be holding it, I’m sure most people would join me in staying as far away from the savage as possible.

He even took a look at the creature’s scary set of teeth up close.

YouTube/River Monsters

A huge row of 2-inch teeth protrude clearly from its strong jaws allowing the fish to completely shut its mouth trapping prey inside.

Viewers were freaked out commenting:

Always knew my fear of dark waters wasn’t entirely irrational.

This is one of those things I would never believe exists unless it were caught on camera.

We couldn’t agree more!

You can watch the video here:

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