Fisherman Fights Off Crocodile Trying To Steal Shark He Just Caught


Australia is notorious for being home to some of the deadliest animals on the planet.

To us outsiders it seems fucking terrifying but their residents seem pretty chill about it, as this story shows.

A shark fisher faced stiff competition for his prized catch, not from a fellow angler but from a hungry crocodile, the Daily Mail reports.


In the terrifying clip, shot in Cape Don, in the Northern Territory, a group of mates can be seen watching the fisherman hauling in his catch.

It all seems gravy right up until a big ol’ saltwater crocodile scuttles out of the water towards the shore.

The croc gets ready to sink its jaws into the shark, only for one of the man’s friends to step in and whack it on the nose with a boathook.


After soon realising that he wouldn’t have an easy dinner after all, the croc quickly escapes back into the water and swims away.

Acting completely nonchalant about the whole experience, the men then gather on the shore to pose for pictures with their well earned catch.

Apparently the shark was released back into the sea unharmed only moments later.

Damn nature, you scary!