Fishermen Drag Live Shark Behind Their Car At High Speed

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Horrifying footage has emerged of a dying shark being dragged on a road in Australia tied to the end of a car.

The video first emerged on Fishing Western Australia’s Facebook group and in the disturbing clip, the animal can be seen struggling as it gets scraped on the harsh road at full speed.

At one point, the innocent shark can even be seen bleeding, while the man recording can be heard laughing and boasting the shark is ‘done’.


It isn’t the first video showing members of the human race laying waste to the sea creature on Fishing Western Australia.

A previous upload showed a young man sit on a small shark, while punching it in the head numerous times.

The 30,000 strong group has been slated by many following the circulation of the two clips.

Western Australian Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly told 9 News:

 Frankly anyone who drags a shark behind a car is an idiot.

9 News

The RSPCA’s Dave Van Ooran added:

We have to change legislation, they need to protection under the review of the animal act.

Western Australia Department of Fisheries said they’re currently investigating the video.

Sickening footage surfaced last year of a man shooting a hammerhead shark at point-blank range, killing the animal.

The clip showed a male – who’s covered up with sunglasses and a baseball cap – point a small gun at the animal while stood at the side of a boat.


He then fires two bullets into the shark and disgustingly laughs as he watches the creature bleed to death in the ocean.

The initial images are believed to have been posted onto Instagram under the profile name of ‘Alex_Kampo’ – a ‘fishing fanatic’ as he refers to himself, who has over 15k followers.

Russ Rector, an animal activist, was later given the video by the person he claims filmed the shooting.

Check out the video below about our amazing wildlife:

God knows what possesses these b*stards to do this kind of thing to animals.

You can help end animal cruelty by donating to animal protection charities, like Animals Australia.