Florida Police Dog Praised For Capturing Suspect In Fatal Shooting And $100,000 Robbery

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 05 Apr 2021 12:48

Warning: Strong Language and Distressing Content

Florida Police Dog Praised For Capturing Suspect In Fatal Shooting And $100,000 RobberyPasco County Sheriffs Office

A police dog in Florida has been given particularly special praise after capturing a suspect involved in a fatal shooting and $100,000 theft.


On Wednesday, March 31, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls of a shooting where they discovered a man had been fatally shot.

During the ordeal, the alleged shooter, who has since been named as 20-year-old Tyler Burgos, also got away with a backpack containing $100,000 worth of cash and drugs.

Burgos reportedly told the girlfriend of the man he’d just shot, who witnessed the whole thing, that if she told anyone, he’d kill her.

Pasco County Sheriffs OfficePasco County Sheriffs Office

As police arrived, Burgos fled the scene in his car but was soon stopped by police, who used stop sticks that hit one of his car’s tires.

Following this, Burgos then fled on foot into a wooded area before K9 Shep and his handler Deputy Nicholas Carmack stepped in to save the day, Fox News reports.

Video footage of the arrest shows Carmack shouting ‘Go get him, Shep!’ as the dog sprints into the wooded area. Soon after, shouts of pain are heard after Shep successfully tackles the suspect and can be seen biting his leg to prevent him from getting away.

You can watch bodycam footage of Shep saving the day here. Warning, strong language and distressing content:



Police also arrested 21-year-old Destiny Burgos, who was found inside the driver seat of the car along with two additional backpacks and two guns. One of the backpacks contained several narcotics including marijuana, crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

Pasco County Sheriffs Office have since released the footage to highlight the hard work dogs like Shep do, and noted their K9s aren’t just for chasing criminals.

The agency said:


Our K9s also do so much more than tracking suspects, which is shown in this video. They also assist with locating missing and endangered children and adults, searching for those lost in natural disasters and many other specialities. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is proud of our robust K9 unit that serves our community.

Pasco County Sheriffs OfficePasco County Sheriffs Office

In the wake of Shep’s hard work, both suspects are facing charges of drug trafficking and possession in addition to Tyler Burgos facing a homicide charge. Meanwhile, Destiny Burgos is also facing charges for fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer, Fox News reports.

Tyler is being held without bail while Destiney’s bail was set at $110,250.


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