Footage Shows Shocking Moment Pet Dog Is Eaten Alive By Crocodile


Warning: Distressing footage.

This is pretty much any dog-lovers worse nightmare and just proves how fucking terrifying nature really can be.

This is the shocking moment a pet dog playing in an estuary is brutally eaten by a lurking crocodile.

Danielle Davenport

The dog – which appears to be an Australian Shepherd – was off its lead and running in and out of an estuary at Isimangaliso Wetlands Park in South Africa.

But all of a sudden out of nowhere a croc pops up out of the water and snatches the dog whole.

Danielle Davenport

It’s believed it was teasing hippos and crocodiles in the water when it accidentally stood on the head of a crocodile, which then leaped out of the water and swallowed it whole.

The terrifying footage was shot by Danielle Davenport, 24, from Cape Town, South Africa. She was shooting footage for Makhulu production Company, when she witnessed the attack.

Danielle Davenport

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: 

I was looking through the long lens when all of a sudden I saw this commotion happening in the water. I saw some kind of animal running in an out of the water tormenting the hippos, soon I realized it was a domestic dog. I started see these crocodiles coming around the side, four or five crocodiles getting involved. It was then that when I stepped back from the camera, I thought I don’t even want to see this. I knew something drastic was going to happen. I was pretty traumatized for like two days, I did not know what to do with the footage. I just couldn’t believe how quickly it disappeared. He was there and then nothing.

Danielle added that she posted the video online in hope that it would educate people to understand the risks that are involved with a visiting a wild nature reserve.

Danielle Davenport

Damn nature, you scary.