French Law Student Faces Backlash After Promoting ‘Hunting Netflix’

by : Lucy Connolly on : 20 Aug 2020 11:56
law student receives death threats from anti-hunting activists 1johannaclermont/Instagram

A French law student has received death threats after her photos flooded billboards promoting a new streaming channel dubbed ‘the hunting Netflix’.

Johanna Clermont, 23, regularly shares pictures of herself posing with her latest kills on Instagram, and often promotes knife and gun brands by posting pictures of herself fully geared up.


The hunting influencer, who describes herself as a ‘proud huntress’, has now been featured in a billboard campaign for Zone300, an online video platform specialising in hunting and fishing.

And while she says she is ‘proud’ to take part in such a campaign, which has seen her face plastered all over the Paris Metro, it seems others don’t share her enthusiasm.

Since her face started popping up around the French capital as a promotion for the hunting platform, which currently has more than 90,000 subscribers, Clermont said she has received a number of death threats.


In fact, the threats – from anti-hunting activists at Perpignan University in southern France, where she studies – reportedly got so bad that the influencer had to change her surname.

In spite of that, it seems Clermont didn’t let the threats get to her too much, with the law student telling The Telegraph ‘p*ssing people off is [her] passion’.

‘If there are no negative reactions, then the campaign won’t have worked,’ she explained, adding that her goal is to ‘break down stereotypes’ in a male-dominated sport.


Clermont hasn’t only ‘p*ssed off’ those against hunting though, having also sparked controversy within the hunting community. Why? Because of her ‘influencer’ status, with many taking insult at the fact she regularly promotes knife and gun brands on her social pages.

In fact, some have even gone as far as to say she has ‘sold her soul to merchandising’, with Martine Pion, president of the national association of female hunters, saying, as per MailOnline: ‘We don’t share the same way of seeing things. To be a spokesmodel and remain independent seem difficult to me.’


After receiving a rifle as a Christmas present at the age of 16, Clermont got her hunting licence in 2014 and has since travelled as far as South Africa to hunt.

She regularly shares pictures of her latest kills with her 118,000 followers, mixed in with other, more influencer-style photos of her dressed up. ‘I like to play on this duality because that’s what pleases me,’ she previously told L’Express.

Clermont continued (translated to English):

I alternate between the photos of pure hunting, of a warrior and more dolled up photos. There is a happy medium. It’s quite touchy, I know. It may be surprising to see a young blonde like me. But I want to break the stereotypes.


Despite the hate she’s been receiving, it seems Clermont is only going to continue sharing her love for hunting with the world – although admittedly she hasn’t posted anything hunting-related for more than three weeks now, aside from her billboard.

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