Friends Shocked To Find Bear Trying To ‘Carjack’ Their Mercedes

by : Emily Brown on : 24 May 2020 14:47
Friends Shocked To Find Bear Trying To 'Carjack' Their MercedesFriends Shocked To Find Bear Trying To 'Carjack' Their Mercedes@madlyexplore/TikTok

If you ever leave your car unattended in a wooded area and see a bear approaching, just start screaming. Turns out it’s a tried and trusted method. 


While I’ve never been in this exact situation myself, I know screaming works because there’s video evidence to be found on TikTok, where a group of friends shared a video showing a curious bear making its way over to their lovely silver Mercedes.

The friends filmed the video from what appeared to be the top of a hill, where they observed the creature as it made its way through the woods and approached the vehicle.

Bear opens door of group's MercedesBear opens door of group's Mercedes@madlyexplore/TikTok

One of the women on the trip seemed to sense that something bad was about to happen as she could be heard asking another friend: ‘Are you sure you locked the door?’ Their response was incomprehensible, but it soon becomes clear – no, they did not lock the door.


A man could be heard suggesting that the owner of the Mercedes ‘run down and close [the] door’ before the bear could get to it, but it turns out they didn’t have time for that as the creature purposefully walked over to the car and got on its hind legs to look through the window.

Check out the video here:

The group started screaming in shock, but their surprise only intensified when the bear grabbed the car door handle and pulled open the passenger door, as if hopping in would be the most natural thing in the world.

One person can be heard yelling, ‘What the f*ck’, and the group all started to make loud noises in an attempt to make the bear run away, though one consistent, high pitched scream stands out above them all.

While admittedly hilarious, the method succeeded in getting the bear’s attention, and it turned to look at the group with what could only be confusion as the aforementioned persistent screamer kept going.

Bear looks confused as friends scream at itBear looks confused as friends scream at it@madlyexplore/TikTok

Clearly not wanting to deal with whatever strange creature was making the noise, the bear took a few steps backwards before dropping to all fours and scurrying away into the woods.

Three of the friends, who go by Jacob, Lucas and Christina on TikTok, shared the video to their social media pages, with one writing: ‘The audacity… ever seen a bear try to steal a car?’

Another joked that the bear was ‘just looking for honey’, while the third assured viewers: ‘This is 100% real’.

Thankfully the bear didn’t appear to do any damage, except perhaps to the vocal chords of whoever chose to scream so incessantly.

I think the moral of the story is; make sure to lock your car. Otherwise, you better be good at screaming.

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