Game Of Thrones Pet Beds Now Exist In Shape Of The Iron Throne

iron pet thronesMadeForPets/Etsy/HBO

It’s anything but a dog’s life if you play this game of bones.

But the pets of Westeros, the Hound not included, have a much more comfortable version of The Iron Throne to sit on after everyone sorts out their differences – or dies – during The Great War.

It’s all thanks to this fan-made pet bed which is fit for only the finest direwolves.

But your pet doesn’t have to be as massive in size and stature as Jon Snow’s very own Ghost to fit into one of these cushy little pop culture references, measuring in at 60 x 43 х 80 cm.

Saying that, at $272 (£205) a pop, it’d help if your pet was as fiercely loyal as Ghost – let’s be honest, no pup who poops on your carpet or cat who tears down your curtains has earned the throne yet.

The pet bed is being sold by MadeForPets on Etsy, the home of creative talents who make and sell completely useless, but damn cool stuff.

In honor of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, the Etsy shop is selling the pet bed which looks (a little) like the sword-covered Iron Throne, the most uncomfortable chair anyone has ever fought over sitting upon.

The pet bed, however, should prove equally as popular for all the right reasons which have more to do with a good nap than gaining power over the Seven Kingdoms.

At over £200, the product is essentially a financial nod to bending the knee to your beloved pet.

While the thrones pictures on the Etsy store’s site look like they’re about big enough to hold a giant ice spider or about 300 manticores, the creator says they do requests.

Presumably, if you’re the proud owner of Viserion or Rhaegal, you could in principle get a bed made for your flying favourite.

Let’s just hope the material can be made flame-retardant.

The Etsy creator said she has a customer’s idea to thank for the concept, adding, “I had a lot of fun while making it.”

She promised all pets who sit upon the cuddly Iron Throne will ‘become the star of Instagram with this bed’, which comes with a cushion made with a special material cats love to claw, apparently.

The seamstress also makes pet beds in the shape of rocket spaceships, Christmas trees, Japanese pergolas, submarines and – get this – the Instagram logo.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO with the season eight premier on April 14, 2019 – just enough time for delivery.

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