Georgie Boy Is The TikTok Monkey Doing Unboxings For 10 Million Followers

by : Saman Javed on : 08 Jan 2021 14:31
Georgie Boy Is The TikTok Monkey Doing Unboxings For 10 Million Followersheresyourmonkeycontent/TikTok

An adorable, genius monkey has captured the attention of millions on TikTok with his unboxings of different packages.

In one video, Georgie Boy is seen ripping open a brown envelope, from which dozens of zips fall out.


As noted by commenters on the video, the monkey’s seems extremely pleased with himself as he figures out how to unzip, and zip them again. Ecstatic, he then runs over to a miniature armchair, which could only be small enough for him.

@heresyourmonkeycontentReply to @christian_venancio He figured it out so fast! 🐵😂 #smart♬ original sound – Georgie Boy

The monkey’s TikTok account currently has around 10 million followers and has amassed more than 110 million views.


Another popular video shows his owner bringing Georgie Boy a mysterious package, asking the monkey to guess what is inside.

Grabbing the parcel from his owner’s hands, Georgie quickly opens it and peeks inside. Much to Georgie’s delight, it turns out his new present is a swing. In the same video, the monkey is also seen repeatedly jumping into a ball pit.

‘The swing is so cute but it’s soooooooo adorable how much he loves the ball pit,’ one user wrote.

@heresyourmonkeycontentThank you anonymous sender 👁👄👁♬ original sound – Georgie Boy

Some users picked up on Georgie’s preference to food as opposed to packages full of toys.

In one recent video, he expertly opens an Amazon package to find a box of plastic Easter eggs inside. He immediately takes each one apart and tries to eat them, before realising that they are not real.

Pushing the pack of plastic eggs to the side, he stares off into the distance with a disappointed look on his face before turning and darting away.


‘Anything that’s not food he is always dissatisfied,’ one user wrote. Another joked: ‘He is sooo spoiled.’

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