Giant Alligator Casually Strolls Across Florida Golf Course

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Jul 2018 13:16
Alligator on golf courseAlligator on golf courseViralHog

A huge alligator – which literally looked like something from Jurassic Park – left people in shock when it strolled across a golf course in Florida. 


With its slow pace and long walks from hole to hole, golf is often perceived as quite a dull game. Well, one course in Florida became a lot more intense and interesting when a huge gator decided to have a wander across it.

The footage was shared by Charlie Helms, who was probably just enjoying a leisurely round of golf when his game was interrupted by a massive reptile strolling across the course at at Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Florida.

The video showed the alligator making its way across the golf course to a lake, while those watching were left in awe.

Charlie could be heard saying ‘that is the biggest frickin’ alligator I have ever seen in my life. Jeez this thing must be 15 feet long’, while another man added ‘you gotta be kidding me’.

Alligator on golf courseAlligator on golf courseViralHog

The caption read:

Talk about a hazard! A giant alligator took a stroll across the fairway, making his way to the lake beside the third hole at Buffalo Creek Golf Club.

Watch the huge beast here:

I hope no one hits their ball into that lake – they could be in for a nasty, 15 foot surprise if they went after it.

Still unable to believe his eyes at the size of the alligator, the man filming said ‘have you ever seen anything that big?’ ‘I think that’s two guys in an alligator suit!’

I kind of hope it was two guys in an alligator suit, they’d have pulled off quite the prank.


One of the other men at the scene, Dave, slowly approached the gator to capture a good shot of it. Charlie joked with Dave, telling him to get closer to the alligator ‘for perspective’.

Thankfully, Dave was smarter than that.

One person commented:

“Get next to it for perspective” ??? really? Dave needs new friends

Charlie continued to display his awe, saying ‘that is a monster’, while the gator casually carried on its way.

I wonder if the men went back to playing golf after that, or if they were too afraid of any more predators appearing on the course to concentrate. I’d have definitely steered clear of the third hole if I were them.

Alligator on golf courseAlligator on golf courseViralHog

Charlie described what happened, saying:

A friend and I were getting flagged down by other golfers who were pointing to this giant alligator on the 3rd fairway. We were shocked by the size of it so I recorded it to show my family and friends. I never expected it to get this much attention.

Commenters on the video were just as shocked as those filming the animal.

One person wrote:


Omg, dude… you could not pay me to get 1 step closer to that beast! Dang!

Another added:

That thing is almost a dinosaur.

A third said:

The Jurassic world 2 trailer looks pretty lit fam

Another person advised:

Stay away from that thing. It can swallow you whole.

Maybe the gator was actually trying to play fetch with the golf balls? Or just wanted to take the scenic view to the lake beside the third hole? Whatever its intentions, it certainly caused some excitement on the golf course (for once).

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