Giant Mutant Rats Immune To Poison Could Invade UK Homes This Winter


If you’re feeling lonely this Christmas, don’t worry, because you could soon have a swarm of giant rats to keep you company in your home.

The British Pest Control Association has warned that the mutant rodents could invade British homes this winter, and they can’t be killed via conventional means.

Experts also say that, not only are the gigantic creatures immune to over-the-counter poisons, they’re also getting bigger and stronger.

Be afraid. Be very afraid…


Chief executive of the BPCA Simon Forrester said:

Normal rats are being killed off by poison, so these resistant species are taking their place. It’s only natural that their numbers are expanding and there would be a significant risk to public health if their population is left unchecked.

Stronger rodenticides can be more effective, but most are subject to strict legislation and must only be used by professional pest controllers. Reports of poison-resistant rats have been increasing in recent years and it seems likely that there’ll be a further surge in numbers during the coming months.

The drop in temperature and lack of natural food sources is expected to drive the rats indoors to seek shelter and food. And since they can get into homes through cracks as small as 15mm, it might be high time to panic.

Basically, batten down the hatches, seal up everything and make sure you’ve got an attack cat ready to protect your home against any invaders.