Giant Shoe Beds Now Exist For Dogs Who Love Slippers

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Shoe shaped pet bedSasquatch Pet Beds

A shoe-shaped bed exists for dogs who love slippers – and for everyone whose interior decorating has been screaming for a giant Croc. 

For my dog it was socks she’d be caught red-handed stuffing into her mouth, but I know slippers are a favourite chew toy of many pets out there.


Some owners simply accept their comfy shoes now have a ragged, half eaten style and continue to wear them anyway, while others give in to the apologetic, innocent-looking puppy-dog eyes and hand over possession of the slippers to their pet.

I’ve heard it said that dogs steal our socks and shoes because they smell like their owner, but I’m confident there’s lots of chewed up stinky dad-slippers out there which weren’t desired by dogs for their odour.

Shoe shaped beds for dogsAmazon

Anyway, whether you continue to wear the chewed shoes or decide to sacrifice them to the dog, Sasquatch Pet Beds have come up with the perfect product to satisfy your dogs’ slipper cravings.


The giant shoe-shaped beds make the ideal spot for your furry friend to curl up at night, and are odour-resistant with a removable fleece lining to make them easy to clean and much less smelly than any dad slippers laying around the house.

Available on Amazon, the beds come in pink, yellow and beige, so you can do your best to make the huge Croc-shaped bed fit in your house without standing out too much.

Dog shaped shoe bedAmazon

Admittedly, making it possible for your dog to sleep in a giant shoe doesn’t come cheap. The yellow design starts at £47, while the pink costs £55. They’re obviously worth it though, because Amazon are already out of stock of the colourful beds!


While the beige bed might be the most subtle of the dog-Crocs, it’s also the most expensive, costing a whopping £195. Needless to say, that one isn’t sold out. People have unconditional love for their dogs, but when they’re just as happy with a £5 pair of slippers, you have to draw the line somewhere.

If you’re the kind of person who gives your dog Christmas presents (I’m looking at you, mum), then look no further. I’m sure your dog will love nothing more than to spend their down time in a big Croc.

The description explains the bed is suitable for small to medium pets, so maybe don’t do any impulse buying if you’re the proud owner of a St. Bernard or Great Dane – though it would be adorable to see them try to fit in the novelty bed.


One glowing review reads:

This is such fun for a dog bed although can only be used for a small dog or cat but it looks fantastic and is certainly a topic of conversation.

Everybody wants to know where on earth I got it from! Both my little dog and my cat sleep in it so it must be comfortable as well.

Let’s just hope the lucky pets who are given a shoe bed don’t think you’ve actually treated them to a longer-lasting chew-toy – that fleecy lining could cause quite the mess.


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