Girl Trains Pet Bird To Attack Whoever She Wants


A young girl has trained her pet bird to launch an attack on whoever she screams at, and it’s brilliant. 

The whole situation is straight out of a Disney film, where the trusty animal companion looks out for their human friend.

Actually, that might have been where the young girl got the idea from, as a video showcasing the success of her teaching skills gives us a glimpse of a princess-covered bedspread.

Check out the hilarious video here:

It was shared online by the youngster’s uncle, whose simple caption said it all:

My niece has her bird trained to attack anyone she screams at.

The footage appears to have been taken by an unsuspecting woman, who was speaking to the girl as her pet sat innocently on the headboard of the bed.

All of a sudden, the little owner turned to the person behind the camera and screams. Instantly, the bird takes off from its perch and flies rapidly towards the camera, causing the woman to shriek in fear.

Admittedly, it didn’t seem like the woman under attack deserved it. The young girl didn’t appear to be in danger – I think she just wanted to show off her talents as an animal trainer.

But I have to say, that is one incredibly obedient and well-taught bird. Its response time could not be faulted, and its attacking skills seemed to be on point, if the victim’s scream is anything to go by.

The Twitter user shared another picture of his niece posing with a glowing smile, with her trusty companion perched faithfully on her shoulder.

Though the pair might look perfectly innocent, together they could raise hell:

Understandably, the video of the attack cut off quickly after the animal descended. I imagine the woman was too busy trying to untangle the protective creature from her hair to worry about getting a good camera angle.

One thing I am curious to know, however, is exactly how well the screaming-summons works. Does the bird have to be in the same room as its owner? Or could the little girl scream from another point in the house and have her pet come crashing through doorways to launch its attack?

I hope her uncle shares more videos of their impressive trick to shed further light on it.

Nevertheless, I’m impressed, as are a lot of Twitter users. The video has been shared over 500,000 times, and received over 1 million likes and 19 million views at time of writing.


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