Golden Retriever Grooms His Best Friend Cat Which Returns Love With A Hug

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Oct 2020 10:38
Golden Retriever Grooms His Best Friend Cat Which Returns Love With A Hug1296928567/Douyin

Cats and dogs are typically painted as mortal enemies, but a golden retriever and his best friend Snowball have proved that’s not always the case. 

The lovely dog, nicknamed Duo Duo, lives with Snowball at their home in Guangzhou, China, where they spend much of their free time snuggling up and enjoying each other’s company.


Knowing cute cat and dog content is exactly what the internet was built for, their owner, known by his surname An, started sharing clips of Duo Duo and Snowball on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok.

Prepare to have your heart melted:


An has explained that his two pets developed a strong bond through growing up together, and while at some points it does look a bit like Duo Duo is attempting to eat Snowball’s head, it’s clear that he doesn’t really mean any harm as the cat is more than happy to continue lounging around between his paws.


An said the pair are always by each other’s side, even when they’re sleeping. Admittedly Duo Duo does look as if he would make a comfy bed as the cat nuzzles into his fur and wraps its paws around his legs.

Cat and dog snuggle up together@1296928567/Douyin

Snowball doesn’t even seem to mind getting lost under Duo Duo’s furry head when he places it on the floor, and the animals’ relationship is so pure that they’ve managed to attract 143,000 followers on Douyin.

One commenter wrote: ‘What a heart-warming scene. They must’ve known each other from past life.’


Snowball and Duo Duo’s friendship is exactly the kind of content we need right now; here’s hoping An keeps doing the world a favour by sharing videos of them!

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