Good Samaritan Saves Cat From Deadly Clutches Of Python

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 11 Sep 2018 10:54
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Have you ever watched a documentary like Blue Planet or Planet Earth and thought, if you were there, you’d save that poor little creature from being eaten?

I reckon most people have. Though it’s only natural for predators to hunt their prey in the wild, it’s hard to watch and not feel something.


Most camera operators and documentary-makers have trained themselves not to intervene, hard as it might be. These guys, however, didn’t get the memo. But you can see why they helped – though it’s a difficult task to free a kitten from a snake, it would be harder to leave it to die.

Two good samaritans in Bangkok, Thailand, decided to do their bit for a helpless little kitten and save it from certain doom.

Check it out:


The video shows the two men bravely uncoil the large python from around the kitten, who is being slowly constricted further and further.

While you certainly wouldn’t want to be bitten by a python, they are nonvenomous snakes, which is presumably why the men knew they could untangle the two animals. Instead, pythons constrict their prey after capturing it, wrapping themselves around the animal a number of times.

However, after being so cautious with the reptile, it turns out to be the kitten who is the aggressive one. Who’d have though cats could be like that?!

After pulling the kitten to safety, denying the snake of its next meal, the kitten lashes out at the good samaritan. Just goes to show there’s never a good time to pull a cat’s tail.


There’s also never a good time to take your cat in a car, as this video proves:

Pythons, on the other hand, seem to be pretty chilled when they’re not hungry. I mean, I wouldn’t rush to clarify the theory, but there is evidence for it at least.

A toddler was filmed in Indonesia happily playing with a massive python, as it slithered around, seemingly at ease with the little boy interacting with it.


The footage was filmed in the East Java Province, and begins with the toddler resting upon the python, who’s in a curled up position. The kid is also clearly having the time of his life as he lets out playful laughs, blissfully unaware of the dangers pythons pose.

At one point in the video, the young boy picks the snake from its neck, before placing his head within biting distance of his own face. Luckily the python did not appear to be in a killing mood that day.

Check it out:


The mini Bear Grylls is either incredibly brave or incredibly unaware of the dangers of huge snakes. Then again, it seems they are under the supervision of at least one adult, who was happy to film the toddler’s interaction with the reptile rather than take the child away.

Just as a disclaimer, it’s probably better to not let your kids play with snakes, or cat poop for that matter. But if you can save a cat from becoming snake poop, go for it!

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