Gordon Ramsay Was Stung On The Penis While On Holiday

Gordon Ramsay - Book SigningGetty

Perhaps as karma for his brutal ball busting, Gordon Ramsay was stung on the penis by a jellyfish while on holiday with his family.

He couldn’t even piss on it, the Mirror reports.

The celebrity chef was on holiday with his family in Sardinia when the tentacled creature left him with a nasty scar.


The sweary father-of-four said:

Fucking hell it hurt. I couldn’t even wee on it. It left a real mark down there.

He’s not the only tough guy brought to his knees by a hostile jellie, the survival expert Bear Grylls himself had to get pissed on by a Spice Girl to heal his sting.

At least it wasn’t on Bear’s penis though…


Bear Grylls said that her urine ‘helped a little,’ but wasn’t the miracle cure he had hoped for.

I’m not sure it has ever worked. I reckon it was just an excuse from someone with urolagnia (pee fetish).