Grinning Ape Filmed Squeezing Woman’s Breasts As She Poses For Photo


Every day, thousands of tourists flock to Safari World in Bangkok for the opportunity to pose for photos with their exquisite wildlife selection.

But one woman got perhaps just a tad more than she bargained for when one of the Orangutans on show decided to put his two gigantic hands onto her breasts.

The video, which was originally posted to Reddit, shows the woman sitting on a bench and laughing with the two incredibly cheerful apes while preparing for the perfect snap, reports the Daily Mail.

But the perfect snap comes at a price as within seconds one of the apes slips his hand over her right breast and takes a firm grip.


One of the Safari World workers rushes over to move the hand but it’s only temporary as, moments later, the grinning Orangutan whacks both hands over both boobs as the woman chuckles an awkward laugh.

At this moment, the Orangutan really smiles a cheeky grin. He knows exactly what he’s doing…


I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise that the unfortunate woman makes a pretty quick dash and thus the video ends.

The video has since been viewed thousands of times online.