Groundhog Caught Casually Eating Pizza On Philadelphia Family’s Back Porch

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I don’t know about you, but right now it does kind of feel like we’re living through the most frustrating parts of the movie Groundhog Day, with every day feeling a little too familiar.

But for one household in Philadelphia, this overused term has taken on an entirely new meaning after an actual, bold-as-brass groundhog with a penchant for pizza rocked up to their patio doors without a care in the world.


The cheeky critter could be observed chomping away on a nice slice of pizza, remaining completely unfazed when confronted by two big – and rather confused – dogs. Continuing to munch upon his snack, the furry foodie stared down the two much larger animals without so much as a blink.

Pizza GroundhogKristin Chalela Bagnell/Facebook

The footage was captured by Kristin Chalela Bagnell at her home in the Brewerytown area of Philadelphia. Speaking with the Philly Voice, she revealed the feasting went on for about an hour, with the little guy occasionally getting ‘spooked’ and hiding beneath the steps.

Bagnell discussed her suspicions surrounding the origins of the sizeable slice:


That is, I think, the funniest part of the story. No, it’s not our pizza. With Philly being Philly, we have been noticing every once in a while random, half-eaten foods thrown in our back yard.

We’re not sure if it’s our neighbour who we’re in the middle of a parking war with or we’re just stuck with bad luck.

Bagnell went on to reveal that this groundhog is a known visitor to the street, having previously been clocked on the look-out for grub.

Whether or not this incident stemmed from the ongoing parking war, Bagnell is grateful for the much-needed chuckle, as are all those who have seen the footage.


Bagnell told the Philly Voice:

This made my quarantine absolutely incredible. I was pissed when I saw the pizza because it was clear someone was messing with us, but now the joke is on them because it made hundreds of people crack up. It also took all the energy out of my dogs. They have been snoring ever since.

[…] If this is the product of a friendly parking dispute, we thank you for giving us and hundreds of others the entertainment we need.


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This hungry hog has unwittingly earned himself legions of new fans online, many of who can relate all too well to his passion for pizza and no-hecks-given attitude.

Hailed as the ‘new pizza rat’, Pizza Groundhog has been lauded as our ‘new icon and leader’ as well as ‘the hero that none of us deserve’. Now, if he could just tell us how many weeks left we have until happier times, that would be perfect…


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