Gruesome Moment Man ‘Cooks’ Dog In Boiling Hot Water


Warning: Graphic content.

New horrific footage has emerged from China, which is allegedly showing a farmer boiling a live dog in preparation for a party.

The short clip shows what’s believed to be a golden Labrador floundering in a massive iron dish full of boiling hot water.

The man seems to be using a stick to force the dog back into the bubbling liquid as he desperately tries to escape in a horrific act of animal cruelty.


It’s believed as many as 10 million dogs are killed for food annually in China and the majority of these ‘meat dogs’are stolen pets and strays, that’s according to an investigation published in 2015 by the charity Animals Asia.

The internet was pretty outraged about the whole thing, but it remains unclear if he was actually cooking the dog or giving the dog a tick and flea bath to kill off the blood-sucking insects.


Either way, it’s pretty fucked up.