Guinea Pigs Named Gin And Tonic Are Looking For A Forever Home

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Guinea Pigs Named Gin And Tonic Are Looking For A Forever HomeRSPCA

An adorable pair of guinea pigs, affectionately named Gin and Tonic, are searching for a loving forever home after they were found abandoned in a cardboard box.

The hairy creatures landed in the care of the RSPCA branch in Walsall in October last year, after they were discovered at the end of a driveway along with 17 other guinea pigs.


It’s believed Gin and Tonic were mums to the babies who were found alongside them in the discarded box.

Guinea Pigs Named Gin And Tonic Are Looking For A Forever HomeRSPCA

Vicky Harrison, trustee at RSPCA Walsall, said in a statement:

Poor Gin and Tonic were abandoned in a cardboard box on a driveway with 17 other guinea pigs which we believe had come from a home overrun with guinea pigs.

Sadly, we do see circumstances where breeding has become out of control which means it’s likely that each pet is not getting the attention they need or having their needs met.

We would always encourage anyone who is struggling to cope with their pets to ask ourselves or other charities for help rather than abandoning their animals.

Now these two girls are looking to find their forever home together.

Guinea Pigs Named Gin And Tonic Are Looking For A Forever HomeRSPCA

The RSPCA is now desperately seeking a loving indoor home for the two mamas where they will be given lots of space and enrichment to keep them occupied.

If you think you could provide the home environment these gorgeous animals need, get in touch with RSCPA Walsall via its website.

It’s no wonder the RSPCA wants both Gin and Tonic to be homed together, because guinea pigs are known for getting lonely if they don’t have a companion by their side.


In fact, it’s actually illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland for that exact reason.

Guinea pigsPixabay

In 2008, the Swiss government passed an animal rights law making it illegal for a pet owner to own just one guinea pig, no matter how much they might dote on their fluffy friend.

As reported by Mental Floss, this legislation was part of a push to grant ‘social rights’ to pets prone to loneliness.

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Guinea pigs are known to be social creatures who move together in herds when in the wild.

However, all too often the needs of guinea pigs are misunderstood by their owners, who wrongly regard them to be ‘easy’ first pets for their kids.

Here’s to hoping someone can give Gin and Tonic the safe, loving home environment they deserve.

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