Guy Beheads Deadly Snake With Shovel After It Killed His Dog

Facebook/ Gold Coast and Brisbane Snakecatchers

This Australian snakecatcher has spoken out after a dog owner decapitated a snake in response to the death of his pet dog.

Now I can’t promise what I would do if a snake snuck into my garden and killed my dog – even though I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind snakes – especially if it was attacking my pet.

After the dog’s body was discovered following a deadly brown snake bite, the owner decided to take matters into his own hands and things got a little brutal.

Faced with the dangerous creature, I suppose he did what many people in that situation would be inclined to do and attacked it in any which way he could – and in this case, it was by taking aim with a shovel.

Unfortunately professional snakecatcher – Tony Harrison – arrived on the scene too late and was furious at the grim and bloody sight before him.

Angry and upset, he decided to share the graphic snaps to social media to demonstrate how this act of revenge is not necessary.

He wrote on Facebook alongside grim pictures of the beheaded reptile:

Although his actions did not bring his dog back…
It did not make him feel better..
It did risk his life doing it…
It also risked his neighbors kids and dogs life….
It is still a risk as the front half is still alive and very upset…

The snake did not plan to kill his dog but the dog did plan to kill the snake. The snake just defended itself and now we are down two animals.

He went onto urge people not to use their dogs to catch snakes and instead call him to catch them and free them of their terror, which is probably a much safer way of going about things anyway.

It’s understandable the guy was enraged after the untimely death of his dog, but unless he was in immediate danger responding an eye for an eye was perhaps unnecessary.