Guy Cuts Down Tree But Gets Huge Surprise Inside

Dead snake treeViralhog

A guy made a stomach-churning surprise while cutting down trees when he found a large snake-like creature in a log. 

In a video of the discovery, the bizarre black animal – which is clearly missing part of its body – can be seen wriggling out of the fallen tree.

As the beast worms its way out of the log and falls to the ground spasming the man recording the video, clearly in shock, can be heard shouting about his discovery.

He shouts:

Oh my god! Holy f*ck!’I accidentally sawed in half some sort of large snake inside of this log. It is backing itself out. What the f*ck?!

The logger then says: ‘Oh, here comes its head’ before running to the other half of the log and finding the other half of the poor bisected creature lying in the dirt.

The footage was posted to YouTube, where it was watched more than 2.8 million times but quite what the black beast was split those watching.

Some claimed that it was a snake (which it clearly is) but others thought it may be a slightly more esoteric creature like a woodworm or a shipworm.

dead snake treeViralhog

Most likely the poor things a southern black racer snake, which is a type of non-venomous snake found in Southeastern America which apparently loves to climb trees.

This unfortunate racer probably found its way inside a hollow tree before the woodcutter chopped down it down, accidentally killing the snake when he cut it in half.

The logger isn’t the only person to find a snake in an unexpected place, late last year one couple in Brisbane discovered a deadly eastern brown snake in their bed.

snake tree deadViralhog

The snake, which can grow up to 7ft in length, is the second most venomous land snake on the planet and its venom is full of neurotoxins which can force dangerously heavy blood clotting.

Its bite has been known to cause paralysis, renal failure, cardiac arrest and in some case death.

Thankfully, as it was in Australia, there was a snake catcher named Stewart Lalor on hand to take care of the venomous beastie.

EASTERN BROWN FOUND IN BRISBANE BEDCalled out to a property in Murrarie where a brown snake was discovered in a…

Posted by Brisbane Snake Catchers on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

He wrote on his Facebook page:

Called out to a property in Murrarie where a brown snake was discovered in a customers bedroom. Not exactly the best place to encounter a highly venomous snake.

The eastern brown snake ranks as the second most venomous land snake on the planet. Fortunately these guys have no interest in humans and are only dangerous when interacted with, however in a situation like this the outcome could have been unfavourable.

It was safely removed and relocated away from any properties, always remember to leave snakes alone and call a professional snake catcher to deal with the situation.

Thank god that the Aussies are much more better equipped to deal with these creepy critters than us Brits!

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