Guy Cuts Open Rattlesnake Tail To See What’s Inside


If you’ve been wondering what causes a rattlesnake’s tail to rattle wonder no more.

Part of what makes human beings unique is our natural curiosity, it may have killed the cat but it that doesn’t put-off mankind whatsoever. If anything it spurs us on to discover the inner mechanics of mother nature.

This is why a father and son duo wanted to show us what’s inside the tail of a rattlesnake. Part of a Youtube Channel aptly named What’s Inside, you can pretty much guess what the premise is.

In the latest episode Lincon and his father, Dan, cut open to see what’s inside the tail of a rattlesnake. So what do they find?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. The inside of the tail appears to be completely hollow, what we do find out is that the rattling noise is made from each section – or button – of the tail.

However, Dan explains that it cannot make it’s rattling noise – which is used to warn off predators – until it gets its second layer of skin.


Furthermore, he explains to his viewers that there are at least 36 different species of rattlesnake in the world and they shake up their tail up 50 times per second.

Another interesting fact about rattlesnakes is that they are the leading contributor to snakebite injuries in North America. However, they rarely bite unless provoked or threatened and if the bite is treated promptly rarely are they ever fatal.