Guy Decides To Battle Shark In The Sea, Instantly Regrets It

by : UNILAD on : 01 Aug 2018 19:09
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A dramatic video has surfaced from Australia of a man battling a 9ft shark in the sea – something, I think you’ll agree, is not advisable.


The footage, captured earlier this year off the coast of North Queensland, showed the brave man – called Josh – jumping from a boat into the water and wrestling with the shark.

Because that’s what you do when you see a shark, right? Wrong. Because soon after, Josh realises he’s made quite the mistake.

Watch the video here:


As you’ll see in the vid, a member of the boat’s crew has to rescue Josh from the shark’s jaw.

Writing online after the ordeal, Josh said:

I just wanted to land the 9ft shark, so armed with a rope I dived into the shark and croc-infested waters in remote far North Queensland and tried to wrestle it to the boat and tail rope it.

After a battle for 15 seconds I found myself locked in the shark’s jaws as it thrashed a chunk from the top of my right thigh..I was lucky not to loose my sea cucumber instead.

Can we just pause for a second? ‘Sea cucumber’? Ok, Josh.

He added:

The plan was to release the shark without having to gaff or kill the large shark by tail-roping it. This was unfortunate not to be so in the end. [sic].

Oh, Josh.

And earlier this year, a diver was bitten multiple times in the sea off the coast of Cornwall, right here on UK territory.


You see, you don’t have to be in Australia to encounter these sorts of things.

Watch this:

The unnamed diver, who uploaded her video online, said:

I have swum with blue sharks before and was super excited to have the opportunity to do it again.

It was a couple miles off the south coast of Cornwall. As soon as I was in the water this time though there was a lot of interest.

There were so many different sharks that it was difficult to keep an eye on them coming at you from all angles.

I think there were about three in particular that repeatedly bumped and barged me, some even test biting with their mouths.

They then circled the boat ladder so I couldn’t get out. Then when I got on the boat, they breached the water to bite at me too! No wonder this species are nicknamed ‘The wolves of the sea’!

It seems Cornwall is the UK hub for sharks. Recently, a group of about 20 sharks were spotted there recently.

They were filmed swimming off the coast of Penzance, and were believed to have been enticed by the recent warm weather.

Charles Hood, who runs the group, Blue Sharks Cornwall, caught the amazing moment while giving customers the ‘ultimate shark adventure in Cornish waters.’

There was a 9ft shark spotted swimming in a harbour in St Ives, Cornwall earlier this year, prompting officials to warn the public to stay out of the water.

It was believed to be either injured, or lost its bearings after chasing prey.


Anyway, I think we can agree to leave the sharks to their territory, and certainly don’t go in trying to ‘battle’ them.

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