Guy Leaps Into Ocean To Catch Unhooked Fish With His Bare Hands

man jumps in sea for fishViralHog

Fishing, it’s a good way to spend your weekend and bond with friends and family… unless you staunchly believe in animal rights. In that case, you will most likely find fishing a horrible activity which should be ‘cancelled’ immediately.

Whatever you may feel about fishing, whether you view it as a good way to unwind or a boring-ass-hobby for retirees now living in the Cotswolds because they don’t like diversity, it brings out a certain emotion.

For one fishing enthusiast, he was so incensed with catching ‘big game’ that when one escaped his line, he jumped into the sea to catch it with his hands.

That poor fishy was coming with him one way or another:

The footage was recorded by Brian Crawford, who was on a fishing excursion with his best friend (who has not been named) at Dana Harbour Point in Orange County (‘welcome to the O.C. b*tch’), California.

The two were on the hunt for large halibut, when Brain’s friend caught a bite from one on his rod (innuendo bingo!). The man frantically tried to reel it in but as it got closer the halibut broke away after ‘it thrashed around’ and spat the hook out.

What happened next was totally spontaneous and out of the blue.

Man jumps into sea for fishViralHog

Brian says:

Without thinking my best buddy jumped into the ocean, grabbed the fish and stuck his hand in the fish’s mouth to be able to land the fish into the boat.

I mean if that’s not the most American thing you’ve seen since Team America, I can’t help you. The only way this could’ve been more American is if a Michael Bay-style explosion occurred the second the guy dived into the sea and as he threw the fish onto his boat an American bald eagle lands on his right shoulder.

Man jumps into sea for fishViralHog

Brian went on to say:

I’m so lucky I was there to film this incredible experience.

Yes Brian, yes you were and I bet you can’t wait to regale your grandkids with this tale in the near future.

Man jumps into sea for fishViralHog

If you’re not impressed by Brian and his friend’s dedication to catching halibut maybe you’ll be more fascinated with what Gareth Bryer found while he was magnet fishing in Enfield, North London.

36-year-old Gareth, who has been magnet fishing since January this year, visited the Enfield Lock near the Royal Small Arms Factory, which closed down in 1988, two months ago in the hope he would discover some historical finds.

As you can see in the video below though, he was shocked when he pulled a Mac-10 sub-machine gun out of the river:

Finding a small stretch of water which was clear of weeds, Gareth popped his magnet in and started pulling out various items including an old medal, a drain cover and a motorbike part.

Close to walking away from the area, admitting he wasn’t ‘finding much’, Gareth decided to try one more time expecting to pull up another manhole cover when he realised his magnet had caught something.

As he pulled the gun out of the water, Gareth’s surprise and excitement is clear as he exclaimed, ‘Oh my f*cking God’.

submachine gun magnet fishingUNILAD

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