Guy Plays Dead In Front Of Bull, It Ends Badly

Live Leak

This man decided to play dead after a bull broke loose and it ended extremely badly…

I can’t speculate on what I would do if a bull was on the rampage and heading straight for me, but it would probably involve me running away as fast as I could.

This guy however decided to opt for the ‘playing dead’ manoeuvre, which is possibly the worst choice he could have gone for.

Live Leak

The footage opens with a bull running into a crowd at a picnic table where panic quickly ensues and people desperately scramble to get out of the furious bull’s path.

In a state of horror, the pursued man proceeded to lay down in front of the bull and pretend he was dead after it had gone for his leg.

However, the raging bull wasn’t having any of it and unfortunately for the guy on the floor, didn’t believe him for one second.

Enraged – probably by his captivity – the bull then savaged the man, flipping him over his horns as if he was nothing more than a rag doll.

Luckily people with more sense had predicted this situation would happen and were ready and waiting with a blanket to catch him as he was catapulted to the ground once more.

They did quickly back off though as soon as the bull whipped round and legged it away, leaving the man lying on the cloth only to get trampled by the rampaging bull.

Obviously I’d never wish any harm upon the man and hopefully he made a full recovery after his nasty run-in with a crazed beast.

However, it’s hardly surprising this happened though is it really. If you torture an animal by keeping it in captivity and then using it to fight until the death, then it’s going to rebel…

Hopefully this is a lesson well and truly learnt.