Guy Puts Deadly Cobra Down Friend’s Shirt While Driving, He Laughs It Off

by : UNILAD on : 25 Nov 2015 16:37

If you were driving along and some nutter stuck a poisonous animal down your shirt, you’d probably panic, swerve off the road and then never hang out with that person ever again.


However, a bizarre new video shows a very different reaction to such a scary incident, as a driver in Saudi Arabia finds it absolutely hilarious when his mate places a deadly cobra on his chest.

The video, published in local media and uploaded to YouTube, shows how this guy just laughs hysterically as his friend slowly feeds a snake, which could kill him with a single bite, down his shirt. As you do…


This bloke doesn’t seem particularly concerned by the danger of the cobra, or the danger that he’s not looking at the road at all while he presumably tells his mates to get the reptile off him.


Unsurprisingly, other drivers have slammed the actions of these madmen, and urged the police to track the man and his friends down.

The country already has an appalling safety record, with an average of 17 deaths per day on the roads, and crazy antics like this probably aren’t helping matters.

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    Shocking moment man puts deadly COBRA inside his friend's shirt while he is driving - but his reaction is not what you'd expect