Guy Strokes Dog On Red Dead 2 And His Real Dog Feels Betrayed

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Dogs are the most fiercely loyal animals on the entire planet; willing to throw themselves onto venomous snakes to save your bacon.

So it therefore kind of sucks that the humans they dedicate their lives to protecting are really just flaky, easily distracted creatures willing to give their strokes to any old passing pooch.

My own dog gets visibly exasperated when I fuss over someone new and fluffy right in front of him, as if he is genuinely baffled by the extent of my inconstancy.

At the end of the day your dog is your best friend, and they take this responsibility very, very seriously. But of course, they expect this to go both ways…

This is the lesson learned by one Reddit user, who uploaded footage of his betrayal to Reddit, entitled ‘When you’re caught cheating’.

The footage shows the Redditor playing Red Dead Redemption 2, but instead of throwing punches and shooting up banks; he is stroking a waggy-tailed little dog on the side of the road.

The video then cuts away to show a real life dog staring at his owner with a mix of dark and complicated feelings. In just a few brief moments, you can almost read the dog’s thoughts as he gazes on in horror.

His little face reflects shock, hurt and most of all a deep, deep betrayal. It is an expression anyone who has ever been let down will know all too well. That pain when your mate fobs you off for some new, fleeting flame? This is it in dog form.

The jealous pooch has since won the hearts of gamers worldwide, who have flocked to show support for the overly possessive little chap.

One person warned:

Wont be funny when you come home from work tomorrow and he’s p*ssed on your playstation.

Another rationalised:

For the dog, this feels like watching porn while you have a girlfriend.

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 has plenty of dogs to pet and befriend. Just make sure not to shoot any – even in self defence – or you will be pursued by a mob of townspeople.

Poor little guy. Please, somebody – anybody! – go give this disappointed dog the big pat he deserves and longs for.

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