Guy Surprises His Dog With 1 Million Pieces Of Food

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Jul 2020 16:22
Liam Thompson YouTuber Guy Surprises His Dog With 1 Million Pieces Of FoodLiam Thompson/YouTube

A New Zealand YouTuber recently hit one million subscribers and celebrated by ordering one million pieces of dog food for his Labradoodle.

No matter how much food you give your dog to munch out of its bowl, it’ll never be enough. If you’re sitting eating a tasty sandwich, you can feel their eyes on you, pleading for just a crumb of a human treat.


However, Liam Thompson hatched the perfect plan for his pooch Max. After reaching the seven-digit milestone on YouTube, he had to figure out a way to really mark the occasion. What better choice was there than buying an absolute mountain of dog food for his best friend?

Liam Thompson YouTubeLiam Thompson/YouTube

In a video posted to his account on July 21, Liam said: ‘Yesterday, I hit one million subscribers. And I owe a lot of that to this guy [Max]. So, I thought as a way to say ‘Hey, thanks Max’ I could buy one million dog biscuits.’

The first stage was the math – could Liam feasibly purchase one million biscuits for Max? He called up a dog food supplier to inquire whether they sold in bulk, explaining: ‘This is going to sound weird, but I wanted to have a million pieces of dog food.’


You can watch Liam and Max’s full dog food extravaganza below: 

Liam devised a plan: ‘Buy one bag, count one bag, do the math.’ From here, he bought a 12kg bag of dog food and counted every single one of the individual pieces.

Well, that was his initial plan. Upon looking at the pile, he realised that not only would it take an age to complete, but there was a simpler way – he counted out 140 treats, which weighed 50g. At this point, he did the appropriate sums, working out that he’d need 29.7 bags.

Liam Thompson YouTube Dog Food 2Liam Thompson/YouTube

The next stage was critical: actually picking up the massive order and pouring it all out into a mountain, before letting Max go wild. However, as he began assembling the food, Liam started to consider what he’d do when the video was over, saying that it would take his pooch seven years to get through it all if he just left it.

His solution was simple: keep most of the biscuits in the bags, so he could still donate it to the SPCA (which wouldn’t accept unsealed food).

When he eventually unveils the gift to Max, he tucks straight in, eating ’10 breakfasts worth’ of food before being Liam takes him out of the room – naturally, Max lets out a soft growl.


At least it was all for a good cause: Max is well fed, and a local shelter has plenty of food. Win win.

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Liam Thompson/YouTube
  1. Liam Thompson/YouTube

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