Guy Tries To Comfort Girlfriend After Her Dog Dies, F*cks Up Massively


When this guy tried to comfort his grieving girlfriend after her beloved dog died he managed to get it quite spectacularly wrong…


Reddit user Micolash wanted to make his heartbroken girlfriend feel better after receiving a text saying her Golden Retriever had died at the ripe old age of 15, reports The Sun.

So, trying to ease her suffering just a little bit he remembered something he had seen a few weeks ago.


Micolash recalled a touching cartoon he’d spotted that had been shared by another grieving dog lover who had recently had to have their pet ‘put to sleep’.

He wrote:

I felt terrible for her, and I was a bit sad too because I’ve come to adore that dog over the last year or so. I had this comic (Warning, sadness) saved in my phone, so I decided to send it to her.

So, this is what he meant to send to her:


Nice, I know! I can imagine it causing an initial flood of tears, but it’s sweet right?


But that wasn’t what he sent. Oh no. What he actually sent to his already distressed girlfriend was this:


Hmm, not quite as thoughtful. After a moment of sheer horror when he realised what he’d done, he set about putting things right, immediately ringing her to explain the accident and sending her the right picture instead.

Fortunately it sounds like she took the error pretty well, he wrote:


She said ‘lol, it’s ok’, but I still feel awful and just know that for those 10-20 seconds from when she got the image to when she got my rambling apology, she was probably thinking I was the worst person on the face of the earth.

Yeah, probably mate.