Guy Tries To Help Lost Dog, Until He Reads Its ID Tag


A concerned citizen tried to help a stray dog he spotted until he saw his amazing ID tag.

Tyler Wilson was filling his car with petrol when he noticed the Golden Labrador wandering around the petrol station in Kentucky, U.S, The Mirror reports.

Worried for the dog’s safety, having seen it alone before, he assumed the it was lost and decided to help reunite the animal with its owner.


However, when he checked the dog’s collar though he got a shock, it read: “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Tyler admitted he was made up when he found out Dew was on adventure and gave the dog a hug before leaving the scene.

He said: 

Once I saw it [the tag], we both looked at each other and I knew he was OK. It was so cute.

He got me a little wet from the rain, but it was worth it.

Things soon escalated though when Tyler posted the photos on Twitter and explained Dew’s situation as the post went viral, with many users saying it was ‘amazing and asking whether he told Dew to ‘go home’.

It soon came to light that Dew is a local celebrity who leaves his owners’ farm to explore the nearby streets.

Dew even has his own Facebook page , called ‘Dew’s Adventures, where people post photos and stories of the wandering doggo.


Of course some social media users were worried for Dew’s safety because he could be knocked down by a car while exploring.

Dew’s family dismissed their fears though, saying he enjoys making new friends and ‘spreading his love’ before adding that he’s GPS tracked so they know exactly where he is at all times.