Half-Eaten Fish Comes Back To Life As Woman Is Eating It

by : UNILAD on : 17 Oct 2015 10:00

Look, we know that sushi is raw fish but it probably shouldn’t be so raw that it’s still actually alive!


According to a report on the Daily Mail, diners at one Japanese restaurant were left pretty shocked when their raw fish delicacy suddenly came back to life and leapt off the plate, despite the customer having eaten half of its body.

In the crazy video clip, the fish’s body begins to shake as one woman is tucking into the sashami. Then, suddenly, it actually jumps off the plate entirely, causing screams from diners in the restaurant.

At the end of the clip, the fish makes one more attempt to escape before the cameraman runs away in fear and shuts off the footage.



However, just so you don’t have nightmares about the next time you visit Yo! Sushi, experts believe that the fish most likely isn’t actually coming back to life, so that’s a relief.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Leslie Dinsmore of the Indianapolis Zoo said:

Obviously we aren’t there but we can probably agree this fish looks dead and half eaten. From what I can figure this twitching is most likely a reaction to some kind of sodium on the fish, soy sauce or table salt? The sodium is most likely what is triggering the electrical synapse to fire. Even after an animal has passed away their muscles can still react.

And this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened. There are several instances of fish appearing to flop around long after they’ve met their demise.

Chefs need to start making sure animals have actually popped their clogs before serving them up (or at least use less salt on the plate)!

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