Half Of Pet Owners Enjoy Hanging Out With Their Pets More Than Their Friends

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Nov 2018 13:25
People prefer pets to friends.People prefer pets to friends.SWNS

They are completely devoted to you, showing you love and affection no matter how anti-social you might be feeling inside.

They are also full of fun and adventure, endlessly excited by treats and the great outdoors. It is therefore no great surprise to me how much people love hanging out with their pets.


New research has even found how more than half of pet owners prefer spending time with their pets to spending time with their best friends, with the pet-owner bond remaining tight despite life’s many stresses.

And I must say – and I apologise to any friends I may offend – I kind of get it. No arguments, no judgement and the only drama being when you forget the poo bags during a walk.

When asked about the relationship with their pet, 53 per cent admitted they preferred spending quality time with their four legged buddy than they would with a human pal.


And – in a statistic which is bound to spark fights – a significant 17 per cent preferred a little QT with their pet than with their partner. Uh-oh.

This research was conducted by the dog-friendly hotel chain Mercure Hotels, and found how most pet owners view their fur baby as having a positive impact on their sense of well-being.

Seriously though, what’s more comforting than taking a nap with your pet on the sofa on a rainy day?

dog friendly hoteldog friendly hotelSWNS

Understandably, 79 per cent of pet owners miss their pets when travelling away from home, with a quarter even reporting feeling lost without their treasured pet by their side.

A sizeable 38 per cent have even brought their pet along on a trip at one point, as opposed to leaving them behind at home.

General Manager for Mercure Stratford-upon-Avon, James Lys, said:

Our pets are a huge part of our lives and can make our day-to-day lives richer than it would be without them.

We have noticed a marked increase in guests who bring their pets, specifically their dogs, travelling with them to share in the experience.

dog friendly hoteldog friendly hotelSWNS

Fifty one per cent of respondents felt a trip could be improved by their pet coming along as their travel partner. When considering what they miss most about home when travelling, 17 per cent spoke of their beloved animals.

Lys continued:

We take time to get to know our guests and understand their needs so we can try and deliver personal and meaningful experiences.

Being able to bring your dog when you’re away makes all the difference to some of our guests, so that’s why Mercure hotels across the country now welcome dogs.

It’s important to our guests so it’s important to us.

We’ll create special menus and treats for guests’ dogs and our hotel teams have even been known to walk the dogs when their owners couldn’t.


A trip away with your favourite furry friend where they can enjoy fun, new experiences, and all the treats they deserve? Sounds paw-some to me!

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