Happy Pig Rescued From Flood Sparks Epic Photoshop Battle


When a smiling pig was rescued from a flood in China walking like a man joyously retreating from impending doom, the Internet’s collective heart melted.

For a brief moment, on Friday afternoon moments before leaving the office for Bank Holiday weekend, we were all that pig. It became the spirit animal of every desperate office worker clamouring to get out of their 9-5, realising that sweet escape.

So, the good folks over at Reddit, font of all things World Wide Web, have celebrated the little piggy’s rescue in the best way we know how: A PhotoShop battle.

New Line Cinema

And it doesn’t disappoint in showcasing the Internet’s good, bad and ugly…

It all begins with a FaceSwap:


Sticking with the animal kingdom:


A throwback to a great PS Battle of Yore:


A Tom Hanks reboot, featuring Pork Shank:


This dark scene is straight out of Slaughterhouse-Five:


Back to the light with a free pig:


Never one to be topped by a pig, Donald Trump shows his face:


After hamming things up all over Imgur and Reddit, these PhotoShop warriors – and their Crown Pig – deserve a medallion.

Just don’t make it pork.