Harry Potter Fan Teaches Her Dog To Respond To Spells

harry potter pupBrizzy Voices/YouTube

Do you ever watch a video or see something online and think ‘this is my future’?

Because that is exactly what happened to me earlier today (January 9) when I was introduced to the adorable Remus the Doxie, a doggo which has been trained to respond to Harry Potter spells.

And yes, it is as cute as you hoped it would be.

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As a Potter fan myself I have attempted to get my cat to respond several times to spells waving my replica Lord Voldemort’s wand around but alas, I had no joy.

But then again my cat responds to nothing but treats so being honest it was never going to work.

Which is one of the reasons I keep begging my partner to get me a puppy so they can play dead when I yell ‘Avada Kedavra’ or eat food when I say ‘Engorgio’.

That is what daschund Remus does anyways when his owner Anna Brisbin, a Los Angeles-based actress and Harry Potter fan, waves her wand at him while saying spells.

Sharing a video of Remus’s responses on YouTube and Instagram, the pup has taken the internet by storm receiving thousands of views in the past few days.

On YouTube the magical video has received over 260,000 views at time of writing (January 9) while over on Anna’s Instagram it has been seen over 35,000 times.

You can see Remus in action here:

Among his tricks Remus will freeze in response to ‘Petrificus Totalus’ and fetch one of his toys when Anna says ‘Accio’.

‘Aguamenti’, a spell which causes water to come out of a wand, tells Remus it is okay to have a wee while ‘Revelio’ asks the doggo to come out of his hiding place in a game of hide-and-seek.

If Anna want him to lie down she simply has to say ‘Stupefy’ while ‘Wingardium Leviosa’, a spell which causes things to levitate, has Remus standing up on his hind legs.

Wearing a grey sweater and striped red and yellow tie, Remus is clearly a Gryffindor or should that be ‘Gryffin-paw’.

He is also very clearly a good boy having learnt the tricks in the space of just eight months as Anna has been teaching him since he was two months old.

And yes, he does get rewarded with a scrumptious treat after performing a trick!

People online can’t get enough of Remus and have been sharing their love in the comments section on YouTube and Instagram.

One person wrote:

No one deserved this genius thing you’ve done Brizzy.

Another agreed saying:

Genius… just genius maybe even Dumbledore genius!

A fellow YouTube user loved that Remus was named after a beloved Potter character, werewolf and Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts Remus Lupin, writing:

The fact that his name is Remus makes this 1000% better!! Also I died at ‘Aguamenti’

Remus’s tricks are so impressive it is only fair he earns something for it – 50 points to Gryffindor!

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