Headless Snake ‘Comes Back From Dead’ And Lunges At Man

Headless snakeViralHog

The stuff of nightmares? Yeah, this is it. This is the stuff of nightmares. End of.

Long story short, this video captures the moment a snake, which had been ‘killed’ 90 minutes earlier, appears to come back to life – with a thirst for revenge.

The footage was shot in Coosa County, Alabama. I’m no expert when it comes to snakes but Alabama seems like the sort of place that’s got a lot of them.

Give it a watch, although, of course be warned, this is a pretty grim video.

Setting the scene for the grisly footage, Kerry Forbus, the man in the video’s wife, explained:

My husband had just gone down to his garden to plow out the middle of his rows with a push plow. He got to the end of the row and hit the fence and went to turn around and that’s when he noticed the snake up against the fence.

He grabbed his phone to call me just as I was leaving the driveway and told me to run into the house and get his gun. I ran and got the gun and took it down there to him. He shot the snake in the head with the shotgun and it blew the head to bits.

He left it laying in the garden for about an hour while he finished plowing his rows out. Then he picked the snake up with the grabber tool and put it on the back of his truck to take over to show it to his brother. The snake did not move or anything when he picked it up and put it on his truck.

He got to his brother’s house and that is when the snake started to move again! He killed the snake around 12:30 in the afternoon. This video was taken around 2:00pm.

After he got startled by the snake a few times he decided to just leave it in the back of the truck until around 6:00pm. By then the snake was finally dead!

Headless snakeViralHog

Now I know there’ll be a good few of you in the comments explaining to me the truth behind the snakes movements. ‘IDIOTS! IT IS DEAD IT’S JUST ITS NERVE ENDINGS’, or something like that, you’ll no doubt say.

Some of you may even send me a DM calling me an idiot – who knows. So yes, just for the record, I’m pretty certain that this snake, though moving, is definitely dead.

However. For a minute, let’s just pretend it’s not. Let’s pretend it’s looking around at the guy who just blew it apart thinking ‘what the f*ck did you do that for?’. ‘F*cking hell mate, I’m just minding my own business and out of nowhere you’ve gone and blew me f*cking head off’. I dunno. Something like that. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’d say if someone destroyed my head with a bullet because I gave them a fright.

I’ve always wanted to travel round the states. I’ve always had a mild fascination with Alabama. It just sounds so rugged. Even the name itself rolls off the tongue like a description of the state. Alabama. Alllerbama.

Alabama. Home to pick-up trucks, a shady history, and snakes which never die, apparently.

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