Helpless Dog Chases Car After Owner Abandons It In Street

by : L'Oreal Blackett on : 10 Jul 2019 17:22

Distressing CCTV footage has emerged showing the moment a pet owner abandons their dog on the side of the road, leaving the helpless pooch running after the car as it drives away.

The upsetting incident made headlines in Taiwan after the clip was recorded in the city of Yilan on the July 7.


An SUV is clearly seen stopping at a red light before the back door abruptly swings open.

Asia Wire

The unassuming pet jumps out of the car before the heartless owners shut the door behind it, leaving the dog at a busy and potentially dangerous junction.

The confused pooch is also seen circling around the vehicle before the lights turn green and the SUV drives off.


In another heartwrenching moment, the poor pet is seen chasing its owner’s car before the video clip ends.


Unsurprisingly, the video has sparked public outrage with many calling for police intervention – especially since the licence plate is clearly detailed in the video.

The incident wasn’t just cruel but is considered a breach of Yilan’s animal protection laws.


Local authorities are reportedly looking for the driver for both breaching the animal protection act and ‘endangering the public safety’.

Asia Wire

Liu Pi-yang, an official with the Yilan County Animal and Plant Disease Control Center, said:

For breaching Article 29 of the Animal Protection Act, they will be fined between 30,000 and 150,000 TWD (770 and 3,845 GBP) for abandoning the pet, but also for endangering public safety by leaving the animal in the middle of the road.


The penalty for the heartless acts means a weighty fine of between 30,000 and 150,000 TWD, amounting between £770 and £3850). It’s unclear whether the incident could lead to further legal action.

Asia Wire

According to reports, the dog is yet to be tracked down and it’s not confirmed whether it is safe.

It’s hoped, if found, the abandoned dog could be rehomed with a loving, more responsible owner.


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