Here’s A Video Of Two Cobras Fighting, Because Why The Hell Not?


As if massive snakes weren’t already scary enough, how about this new video of two cobras fighting to the death?

The wild brawl features a king cobra – the largest venomous snake in the world which can grow to lengths of up to 18-feet – taking on a spitting cobra, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

The spitting cobra is the unfortunate party in this exchange. As the smaller beast, the poor little chap soon finds himself being devoured head first. Damn nature, you scary!

The crazy footage comes courtesy of a really brave 12-year-old Miller Wilson, who is making a bid to be the new Steve Irwin.

We wouldn’t ever dare get this close to two poisonous animals when they’re scrapping, let alone when we were kids, so fair play to the guy.

Apparently, the youngster also catches sharks with his bare hands and helps stingrays give birth so, not only is he an absolute badass, but he’s also cooler than every single one of us!