The Planet Earth II Crew Put Every Baby Turtle They Filmed Back In The Sea

by : Francesca Donovan on : 12 Dec 2016 11:25
BBC/Planet Earth II

Millions of viewers were left wondering what happened to the baby turtles in peril on Planet Earth II last night.


The beloved family nature programme, which aired its Cities episode on Sunday, documented the hawksbill turtles’ struggle to adapt to the encroaching human development on the beach where they are born.

The harrowing footage showed the turtles attempting to make their way into the sea, using the light of the moon to navigate down the beach.

However, the programme showed us how the urban development confuses the young hatchlings who consequentially begin a perilous journey up the beach towards the artificial lights of the town, instead of down towards the safety of the sea.


Millions watched in horror as Planet Earth II crews filmed the baby turtles, who were ambushed by opportunistic crabs, trapped in storm drains and crushed by cars on the road.

After we bore witness to the terrible bloody aftermath of this horrifying and preventable mistake, it became all too clear that humanity’s damaging influence on nature puts the turtle’s lives in danger daily. In response, many people questioned what was being done to stop this mass slaughter.

Thankfully, BBC Earth answered the burning questions we all had, tweeting confirmation that the crew saved all the turtles they came across during filming.

They also released a tweet thanking The Barbados Sea Turtle Project for their daily rescue missions which save the turtles from the dangers of the new urban environment and attempt to restore the natural balance between man and beast.


Without human intervention these turtles have a minuscule chance of survival. That’s where the sea turtle project comes in.

You can watch a BBC web exclusive about the hard work and dedication of The Barbados Sea Turtle Project staff.

Meanwhile, Planet Earth II remains a poignant, beautiful and informative programme with the power to open our eyes, make us cry and help us forget that Honey G exists.

A third series has not yet been commissioned but with the popularity of the show and its presenter, national treasure David Attenborough, it would be crazy to count it out.

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