Here’s Why You Should Let Your Puppy Eat Poop

by : UNILAD on : 24 Nov 2016 16:57

Ever seen your dog it eat its own poop and think that’s seriously gross, well newsflash, it is, but it’s actually a lot better for your canine friend than you might think. 


This enlightening video, nicely explains why your pup might be a bit too fond of its own poop…

Take a look, (maybe not while you’re eating…) 

Apparently, well according to this video anyway, puppies eat their mother’s poo to increase their gut bacteria which they need to digest food properly.


Now this is really grim, but perfectly healthy, the mum will lick the pup’s bum to ‘stimulate defecation’ and then, just eat it up- job done.

Often this rather disgusting habit ends once the puppy is weened, however some of our furry companions develop the ‘taste’ for it and just decide to eat their own poop for the sheer hell of it.


To put your mind at rest, vets have deemed this sometimes unnerving food-choice as ‘natural and generally not harmful.’

They were quick to point out that they could contract diarrhoea from this which obviously isn’t pleasant for anyone.

Maybe bare that thought in mind if your dog comes at you for a nice, slobbery kiss though…

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