Heroes Risk Everything To Save Puppy Trapped In Tunnel

by : Lucy Connolly on : 27 Sep 2018 00:49
Puppy rescued from tunnelPuppy rescued from tunnelViralHog

A puppy has been rescued from an underground tunnel after two heroes heard him crying and rushed to help.


It is not known how long the animal was trapped inside the tunnel in Russia, but he was clearly terrified and couldn’t stop shaking.

The puppy was lucky the rescuers managed to get to him at all, as the space was extremely tight and required the men to crawl on their front to move forward.

You can watch the dramatic rescue here:


And it was no easy feat – the heroic men tried to rescue the dog a total of three times but had to give up the first couple of times for reasons beyond their control.

They said they got gas poisoning and felt sick so had to retreat. Confined space and restricted oxygen, a claustrophobes dream!

The footage shows the two men climbing underground using steep ladder rungs, before the space eventually opens up into a very low tunnel.

The men can then be seen manoeuvring their way through the space, trying their best not to hit their heads on the low roof.

Man in tunnelMan in tunnelViralHog

As they keep moving forward, the tunnel becomes even more cramped, with rocks and dirt covering the little floor space that they have.

At this point, I’m starting to feel claustrophobic just watching the video so I can’t imagine what these men were feeling!

They can be heard grunting as they force their way through the rubble, clearly exerted from the massive effort of the rescue mission.


It becomes scarily clear just how dangerous the mission is when you hear the men panting heavily as they try to inhale as much oxygen as they can in the tight space.

Eventually, they spot the terrified puppy cowering in one of the tunnels and approach it carefully, gently stroking him to make him feel safe.

The poor dog still doesn’t relax and is visibly shaking when the camera pans to him.

Puppy rescued from tunnelPuppy rescued from tunnelViralHog

Luckily the two heroes were able to get back out of the tunnel with the puppy in tow, bringing him back to safety.

The adorable pup was then wrapped in a blanket and taken to a shelter, where he will hopefully find a new family to adopt him soon.

And this isn’t the only dog to have found himself trapped in a confined space recently. One bedraggled pooch found itself trapped in a drainage pipe in Romania, which was half-filled with water.

The incident happened when the dog took shelter in the pipe for refuge after it had wandered onto a frozen lake.

Take a look at the dog’s rescue here:


As the footage shows, the poor dog was stranded in freezing wet conditions which resulted in its fur becoming matted.

When people approached the scared pup in an attempt to coax it out, it became scared and started retreating.

Thankfully, this story also had a happy ending, as the rescuers made a makeshift collar and lifted the dog from the pipe.

Once it was brought to safety, the dog appeared to be much happier and even wagged its tail, shaking off the freezing cold water once and for all.

I hope both doggos have been given plenty of treats and cuddles since these traumatic incidents and have been wrapped up warm and toasty ever since. They deserve it after all!

And I want to thank the heroes who made it their mission to rescue these adorable pups – you’re truly inspirational.

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