Heroic Dog Jumps Into Sea To Fend Off Shark Stalking Her Owner

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Nov 2020 09:52
Heroic Dog Jumps Into Sea To Fend Off Shark Stalking Her Owner@b2badventures via Storyful

As a shark lurked near her owner, a heroic dog in Australia bounded into the sea to scare it away.

They do say dogs are man’s best friend. Time and time again, they leap to our defence; whether it’s running up to the window to growl at anybody who dares walk past your window, or sprinting out to the garden to bark at any possible intruder.


However, there’s being brave, and then there’s taking on an actual shark. For this fearless kelpie, it was no problem.

Check out the dog’s heroics in the video below: 


Jack Strickland, of Back 2 Basics Adventures, was filming a shark swimming a little too closely to the shore off the coast of Haggerstone Island, Queensland, on October 10.


While not a huge shark, it does appear to circle around the area near where Jack was standing. Regardless of whether Jack faced any sort of threat, Tilly the dog didn’t hesitate.

Dog Water@b2badventures via Storyful

Upon catching sight of the sea-faring animal, Tilly leaps into the water with ferocious pace. This causes the shark to flounder and swim away in a heartbeat, shooting off into the sea far from the loyal canine, with Jack’s spectating friend letting out a small yelp.

Tilly then has a quick look around the water, even swimming out a little deeper, making sure her owner is safe from the villainous (likely innocent) shark. With the coast clear, she stands tall and looks over the sea, with Jack kept safe for another day.


Fortunately, the pooch wasn’t harmed whatsoever during the splashy scuffle. However, I imagine the shark’s pride has taken a hit.

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