Heroic Mother Fights 65-Pound Mountain Lion With Bare Hands To Save Her Son

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Heroic Mother Fights 65-Pound Mountain Lion With Bare Hands To Save Her SonPA

A California woman put up a heroic fight against a 65-pound mountain lion after it tried to attack and steal her son. 

The harrowing incident took place in Calabasas on Thursday, August 26, when a mountain lion attacked the mother’s five-year-old son as he was was playing near their house.


The 65-pound (30kg) animal managed to drag the five-year-old across the front lawn, before the child’s mother ran out of the house and saved it, using just her bare hands to fight it off in a heroic feat.

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Captain and spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildfire, Patrick Foy, told The Guardian the lion managed to drag the boy ‘about 45 yards’ across the front lawn.

Foy reported that the boy suffered significant injuries to both his upper torso and head, but is currently in a stable condition and being treated at a Los Angeles hospital.


During the incident, upon hearing the commotion outside, the boy’s mother ‘ran out of the house and started punching and striking the mountain lion with her bare hands’ and managed to get him ‘off of her son’, Foy said.

After the boy was saved by his mother, his parents drove him straight to hospital. At the hospital, law enforcement were then notified of the attack and a wildlife officer was sent to the scene.

Foy said the wildlife officer found the big cat still at the house hiding in bushes, with its ‘ears back and hissing’.


The wildlife department stated:

Due to its behavior and proximity to the attack, the warden believed it was likely the attacking lion and to protect public safety shot and killed it on site.

The statement also confirmed that DNA tests had been run, which confirmed the lion shot was the same one responsible for attacking the child. However, another mountain lion was also spotted in the area and was subsequently tranquilized and tested to make sure it had not been the culprit in the attack. It was later released unharmed back into the wild.

Foy has called the mother ‘the true hero of this story’, saying she ‘absolutely saved her son’s life’.


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